Mercury and Sun holds fast to the core values put forth by our motto:
“Communicate.  Create.  Integrate.”  They keep us in touch.  They keep us on track.  
Actually, we think they keep us in business.  Here’s a little bit about the foundation behind the name.

We work to gain a solid understanding of exactly who you’re hoping to communicate with.
We talk consistently, clearly and openly.  We listen.  We want to understand who you are . . .
where you’ve been . . . and most importantly, where you’re going.

We create marketing strategies that effectively deliver a clear and creative message.
Regardless of the size and scope of your project or campaign, we strive to generate content
and design that transcends the clutter of a high-tech world and best positions your product or service for growth.

We work to develop an innovative, integrated mix of traditional, digital and social media
services that best leverages your budget and moves you toward your marketing goals.
In short, when you are meeting your goals — that means we are doing our job.
And we won’t settle for anything less!

We hope you will give us a call!